Limited Tort: Can not sue another Pennsylvanian passenger vehicle for minor bodily injuries

Full Tort: Can sue anyone for any bodily injury

Uninsured Motorist: When another vehicle hits you and has no insurance, can collect for pain and suffering, and does not cover damage to your vehicle.

Underinsured Motorist: Another vehicle hits you and has less insurance than you.

Comprehensive: Physical damage to the vehicle regarding fire, theft, or glass

Collision: Physical damage to the vehicle when it collides with another vehicle or object


General Liability 

Products Completed: It will pay for bodily injury/property damage resulting from faulty work or negligence on the part of an insured

Personal and Advertising Injury Coverage is:  covers liability that occurs from libel, slander, false arrest, malicious prosecution, wrongful entry, misappropriation of advertising ideas, infringement of another’s copyright, title or slogan.

Damage to Premises Rented to you: If you are renting or temporarily occupying a property that suffers damage while rented to you or if there is a fire while you are renting or temporarily occupying it with the owner’s permission

Medical: covers bodily injuries of a customer which occurred on premises (Listed on the policy) or operation.

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